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Air Conditioner-Indicators of a Broken Air Conditioner and How to Fix the Problem

Air Conditioner-Indicators of a Broken Air Conditioner and How to Fix the Problem

An Air Conditioner is prone to breaking and continuous wear and tear since in most cases it functions in an endless cycle. For this reasons and many others, regular maintenance is critical in preventing replacements and unexpected breakdowns. It also important in maintaining the performance of the air conditioner. The first step in repair and maintenance of an AC unit is determining whether it is broken or not. Some of these indicators are highlighted and discussed below.

1. Air conditioner blows warm air
This indicator is a universal sign of a broken air conditioner. It is evident when you start feeling uncomfortable at home as the AC may be pumping out warm air. At first, you should check the AC thermostat to determine whether it has been flipped by children or any other person in your house. If this is not the situation, then the cooling system needs fixing may be due to a faulty condenser, bad compressor, and defective refrigerator charger among other problems.

2. Failure of Air Conditioner to turn on
In case you turn down the air conditioner thermostat, but the temperature in your house remains the same or increases, then it means that your cooling system has a problem. The power may not be reaching the Air Conditioner unit, or there is a loss of signal from the AC thermostat to the network. If you replace the battery, and the circuit breaker is in place, but the AC fails to operate normally, then you have to contact professionals for repair or replacing.

3. Risen utility bills
If you have been paying a given level of energy consumption cost, but it abnormally hikes, then your air conditioner may be broken. Use of more energy than usual makes you uncomfortable with the AC, and that is the reason why you have to source for experts to fix it as soon as possible. It is cheaper to repair than to pay high bills now and then.

4. Malfunctions and Strange Noises
All Air conditioners make nearly the same whirling noise the moment they are running no matter the environment or conditions of a given place. It is easy to notice an AC unit with malfunctions, for example, if the unit produces a hissing, knocking or other noticeable strange sounds coming from the AC unit or central cooling system. These sounds indicate a malfunction or something is wrong with your unit. Also, in case you see some dripping water coming from the system, it is another fault that needs fixing.

How to repair a broken Air Conditioner
St Catharine Furnace repair has well-trained professionals and experts that fix any problem in the cooling system (Air Conditioner). You do not have to stay till when you are uncomfortable with your AC unit or the when utility bill hikes to contact the St. Catherine Professionals. Early fixing may save you from replacing the existing AC unit with a new one which may be more expensive as compared to fixing/repairing. The experts can detect malfunctions before they begin or become irreparable. Services offered include tune-ups services, air conditioning repair and maintenance, cooling services among others. For your comfort, I highly recommend Furnace Repair and Maintenance St Catharine for you.