Lyric Round™ Wi-Fi Thermostat

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Lyric was designed for crazy schedules and spur-of-the-moment activities. You can control Lyric from anywhere on your smartphone, or let it adapt to your life as you go.

Lyric can save energy when you’re away, and get the house warm when you’re heading home. No more wasted energy when you’re out for the night, and no more getting in from work to a cold house. It’ll even let you know when the filter needs changing.


  • Lyric uses your smartphone’s location to work out where you are. 200 miles away? Then you probably don’t need the heating on. Just round the corner, heading for home? Time to get the place warm.


  • Lyric can send you notifications when the humidity changes, and if the temperature is too high or too low.

Perfect temperature

  • In winter, it’s not just the inside temperature that affects how you feel. Humidity and the outside temperature play a part too. With intelligent comfort control, the temperature feels just right, all the time.


  • Model number: RCH9310WF
  • Product dimensions: 3-3/4 in. diameter x 3/4 in. deep
  • US Retail: RCH9310WF5003
  • US Trade: TH8732WFH5002
  • CA Retail: RCH9310WF5011
  • CA Trade: TH8732WFH5010